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In the United States, about 10 million people — 4. The exact prevalence of enlarged hemorrhoids is hard to measure because many opt for over-the-counter treatments instead of visiting the doctor. People can also eat more fiberdrink more water and avoid straining while they're going to the bathroom, Husain said. Hemorrhoids serve an important purpose, but can be very uncomfortable if they become enlarged. It involves placing a small rubber osu anal fissure surgery around the base of the hemorrhoid and stopping the flow of blood to the area until it shrinks and falls off.

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Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Functioning hemorrhoids help maintain fecal continence and ensure that osu anal fissure surgery liquid escapes through the sphincter at the end of the digestive tract. Pregnant women are also more susceptible to hemorrhoid problems because of the weight of carrying the baby and also from giving birth. It is more effective than other methods, though it is also associated with more post-treatment pain and complications. Doctors usually check for internal hemorrhoids by inserting a rubber-gloved finger into the rectum in order to feel for any protrusions or examine the lower portion of the colon with an anoscope or endoscope, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Osu anal fissure surgery
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Osu anal fissure surgery
Osu anal fissure surgery
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Infrared or electrocoagulation targets the hemorrhoid by burning it and letting it slough off. Also, one should avoid exerting too much pressure during bowel movement, according to the Mayo Clinic. This article was updated on Feb.

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Osu anal fissure surgery
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